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I know I’ve been slacking a lot on updates but I’ve created a fb just to make updating easier! Go check out “a very fluffy story” for more details (:


Mini Give Away Results!

It’s the 20th April, THANKS for participating in the 1st mini give away! The comments posted by you all were so cute! I wished i could make everyone a winner but i’ll probably go broke if i do so :b Anyway here’s the random draw from the list of names :

  1. Cassie Carello
  2. Skippylala
  3. Karen Lim
  4. Piggy
  5. Natasha K
  6. Suziehippy
  7. Kirsten S

and the lucky random winner is….



Congratulation Karen!!  You are lucky number 3! Please head over to Giveaways to fill up your mailing details, so that i can mail the prizes to you!



A handmade card for Beady and Bambi’s mummy (Karen) and a special treat for the buns themselves too! For being such good kids (: Hope both mummy and bunnies will enjoy them! _____________________________________________________________________________________________


Friday night

Hello everyone, mommy has been busy so I’ve hacked her account just to blog! Don’t tell her!! Shhhhhhh….

You know how greedy me and hazel can get when mummy opens the treat box but getting treats aint easy. Sadly, mummy makes you work for it! And me and my bro work hard to get it.

Here’s proof:



She trains us to do hi-5 to get a small treat. How mean can she get! Can’t she just give it to us???? Look at hazel’s face, can’t believe he has to work for treats too.


Oh well, I do have to say they are yummy and mummy gets some of treats imported, so I guess I have to earn it one way or the other.


Oh well, mummy just top up fresh hay, gonna stuff myself with something healthy!

Goodnights & hazel’s here to give goodnight kisses.



Happy good Friday 2012!

Happy good Friday readers! It’s a long weekend ahead so enjoy yourself and spend some time with your family, friends and bunnies!

Wishing you a happy weekend!


New toys!

I’ve finally received the boys toys from busybunny via HRSS! Yes, shipping from the USA takes quite a while. The boys have also finished their toys for quite a while. They only have toilet rolls and their willow basket to play with. Kinda sad but yea… Its hard to find good bunny toys here! Let’s get to the toys!


Mini willow balls! They love this! Its normally gone is 1-2 days. They really love to chew these balls.

Their apd papaya tablets. These treats cost twice the price of oxbows!! I picked these because Mickey does not chock on them. He tends to chow on oxbow papaya tablets, not sure why thou…



It’s hard to find hanging toys these days!! So I got the boys 2 sets of this! It’s really cute and the willow is so large!!! They boys are a bit shock because they have never seen such a giant willow ring till now! Plus there’s a treat underneath the willow basket! How cool is that?! I’m not sure if they’ll like the ‘hidden treat’ but they love chewing the willow ring & e basket!

I know hazel and Mickey just go bananas over bananas! Yes! They love the fresh fruit itself but I decided to get these ‘commercial’ treats as its less messy when feeding them. They go gaga over treats, so it can get pretty messy with fresh ‘wet’ treats.


I ran out of apple sticks from them to chew on for quiet sometime. I actually prefer the basket of sticks as the boys over to fling the basket around and they go a pretty good job at chewing it too. Downside to apple sticks is that it doesn’t look ‘clean’ to me. I always clean the sticks before given it to them ask it seems like theres mould on it… I do know it’s natural.. So maybe that’s it might be ‘dirty’ but it maybe the weather here too. As its very humid … But they do enjoy chewing the bark of apple sticks. It gets so messy with the residues but it’s all for their teeth sick!

All toys are brought through HRSS!! As part of the profits actually goes into helping the bunnies at HRSS. So it’s for a good cause (:

If you are interested in the toys I’ve mentioned above, visit busybunny.com to see their range! So far, their toys keep my boys busy and happy!

Lastly, I preorder this magazine with HRSS! We don’t have bunny magazines here.. So it’s a treat to myself! Through the images in the magazine, I realise how large hazel & Mickey is, as compared to pure Netherland dwarfs.. Still love them as much!

So much for the blog entry today! Looking forward to the weekends for a happy good Friday weekends!

Mini give away


A mother’s day special for one lucky bunny(s)’s mummy!

I’ll be hosting this mini contest.

How to enter?
Step1: Leave a comment on this post!
Step2: Include the name(s) of your bunnies.

That simple! I’ll randomly pick a winner & a special card will be sent to you!

1. You need to own at least 1 bunny
2. You’ve got to be a female (sorry dads, your turn will come)
3. Its international! So just join!

Closing date: 20th April 2012
Winner will be release by 27th April 2012

Binky biscuits!


A bag of homemade treats: Binky Biscuits!


How each cookie looks like.


Got my boys homemade biscuits! These are made by a fellow bunny mummy. I bought 6 small packs and gave 5 packs away! !


So far, hazel loves it! He just chomped the entire piece away from my fingers. After his cookie, he was licking me too! He’s one affectionate bunny.


Mickey on the other hand is the pickier one, he’s took a few bits but hasn’t grown on it yet. But I belief he’ll love it after a few tries, just like the apd cookies.

If you are interested in some homemade cookies, email Sanz!

Email: sanz3325@hotmail.com

And mention where you found these cookies from 😉